Sport travels

Altai is a network of tour operators and receptive agencies, specializing in active travel and active holidays.
It is the meeting of passionate people, guided by the insatiable desire to explore the world.

Dune is a reference in underwater practices: scuba diving, snorkeling or snorkeling. Currently present in France, Egypt, Sudan, Maldives, Mexico and Indonesia, Dune offers a range of stays, safaris, cruises and diving courses to discover or progress in practice.

urban sports leasure

This unique concept in the world of indoor leisure park is built around a strong value: team cohesion. Aimed at everyone, sports or not (from 1m40), Koezio is suitable for families, groups of friends, leisure centers, school groups and businesses. Creating a real team cohesion based on the complementarity of Agents, the mission federates all generations in order to share together a unique moment.

Sport tech

Founded in 2014, we’re a sport and wellbeing start-up of 70 passionate people located in 4 offices: Paris – London – Sydney – Madrid.
Our mission is to promote sport and wellbeing, and help everyone to stay motivated in the long term.
We’ve developed a powerful digital solution that allows us to easily brand, customize, and engage sports communities. In addition to our software solution, we have developed internally the skills and expertise to grow and animate theses communities. We work with more than 300 brands and companies, and 1.5 million of people use one of our services in the world.

Since 2005, we have only one job, and we do it well: helping ski resorts sell packages, via an application cloud that brings together all the applications developed by e-Liberty on the same technological base.
With 130 ski resorts cabled on online sales systems and digital outlets in France and Switzerland, e-Liberty is the major player in the digitization of ski passes.


With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, TAKUMA CONCEPT has become a real innovative brand known as the first Europe SUP & Hybrid foil brand. Our objectif now is to give as many people as possible opportunities to discover such an incredible feeling of flying…

e-takuma is the first electric foil accessible to the many. As using a foil can seem complicated or dangerous, our conception teams innovate everyday to help you enjoy our products safely.