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Decathlon and Genairgy have entered into a partnership with E-Liberty, the European leader in digital solutions for ski resorts.

The sports retailer Decathlon is launching a package booking service with the help of e-Liberty, a Swiss company that is already financed by Genairgy, the Decathlon family’s investment structure. One month after Alltricks (read below), Decathlon is interested in another e-commerce company. This time, it is not a buyout but a 15% stake in the Swiss company e-Liberty, which specialises in ski pass sales solutions for ski resorts. Decathlon, based in Northern France, had already established indirect ties with the target company, which is based in Neuchâtel and Savoie, since the latter already had Genairgy as a shareholder. Genairgy is the investment structure of the Leclercq family, the owners of Decathlon, which invests between €5 and €15 million in companies (…)

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